Wild Boar in North Carolina

    The best way to control wild hogs is to prevent them from coming. After that, you will need to hunt, and trap these animals to gain any control. This website is dedicated to education on and methods of controlling Wild Boar in North Carolina. As the population continues to grow, more and more people are becoming concerned with the ill effects of their presence. While some enjoy the excitement of the hunt and the bounty they provide, others are concerned about the destruction of private property and native species that they cause.

    Article in NC Coastal Sportsman

    NCWildboar.com staff were recently interviewed for an article written by Ben Jones for the NC Coastal Sportsman Magazine. This informative article touches on various aspects of wild hog hunting in coastal North Carolina and the growing hog population in that area.
    To read the article online see it here.

    Got Hog Problems?

    NCWildBoar offers FREE feral hog removal in most parts of North Carolina. Contact us to discuss your problem. You are probably already aware of the damage feral hogs can cause to property, native wildlife, and crops. You should also be aware that they can cause other significant damage to the environment, such as transmitting disease that can be contracted by humans. The presence of feral hogs near water sources may be hazardous if the water source is utilized by humans for any purpose.

    This service only applies to feral hogs. We reserve the right to deny service under any circumstances that could cause undue liability or where any issues or disputes might arise. We make no garantees of success, however, we will use the best methods available based on your situation. We do not sell hogs live or otherwise. Feral hogs will not be kept live or moved to another location.

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