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Wild Boar in North Carolina

    The best way to control wild hogs is to prevent them from coming. After that, you will need to hunt, and trap these animals to gain any control. This website is dedicated to education on and methods of controlling Wild Boar in North Carolina. As the population continues to grow, more and more people are becoming concerned with the ill effects of their presence. While some enjoy the excitement of the hunt and the bounty they provide, others are concerned about the destruction of private property and native species that they cause. Wild Boar, aka Feral Hogs, are a non-native, invasive, and highly controversial species. The information found in this site should provide comprehensive information on the species, methods of control, as well as some of their benefits. There is a long history and standing tradition of hunting hogs in certain regions of the state. There is no doubt that more hunters will be seeking this elusive and skilled adversary and engage in hunting and trapping them. Hunting and trapping wild boar is an exciting and rewarding past time as they are excellent table fare. Welcome, and please feel free to explore all our site has to offer.